Cable-Link is the quality that comes from passion and experience. In order to ensure the highest quality of cooperation and production, we use demanding control and implementation protocols for products and processes, fully respecting the IPCAA 620.

  • standard of control and measurement cards,
  • control reports for customers,
  • working and technological instructions,
  • flow cards,
  • reference pre-production batches.

Thanks to in-production control methods, every final product is checked at the production stage, not just after production.

The materials supplied for production are subject to IQC control. This gives us full control over the production.
and the ability to quickly detect faults and stop the process, reducing to a minimum the risk of incurred time and financial losses.

The final control of the finished product is spread over the visual, functional and electrical checks to which 100 % of the batch is subjected. The electrical test is carried out by a digital measuring system from TSK Prüfsysteme GmbH and an internal laboratory.


The quality of Kabel-Link is three pillars:



Our technology takes into account all quality guidelines of selected industries based on IPC A-620 quality standards. We are in touch with customers and suppliers, improve technology, look for better materials and solutions for you.


Full control

All products are subject to constant inter-process control provided for in the production technology. From the start of production to the end of production, all sensitive parameters are monitored and recorded.


Test 100%

Each product is subjected to a full visual, functional and electrical inspection. The solutions we use give us confidence that the final product is in accordance with customer guidelines and industry standards.