You will find a widerange of products in our offer:

  • Cable and cable harness planning,
  • production of cables and cable harness,
  • production of prototype and cable harness for StartUp,
  • short-run serial and contract productions,
  • assembly of electronic devices,
  • wiring of control cabinets,
  • wiring of devices,
  • sorting and selection services,
  • quality control services,
  • electrical test service,
  • packaging and labelling services,
  • modifications and warranty repairs of cable harnesses,
  • technical and material support for the projects,

Kabel-Link brand offers services in the field of design, production, assembly, testing, packaging, selection and packaging of cable harnesses as well as electronic devices of common use made of own and entrusted materials.

From idea to prototype to mass production, Kabel-Link provides technical support throughout the entire production cycle. Thanks to a database of suppliers and contractors built up over the years, we can quickly find optimal solutions.

We continuously invest and adapt production for new customers in order to meet their requirements and increase the production capacity of the company. We do not stand still. We solve every problem comprehensively.