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What do we do?

Design, manufacture and assembly of cables and cable bundles. In addition, we offer panel assembly, packaging, repair and modification of finished bundles, quality control, sorting and packaging.

All this for a wide range of technical and application sectors. Thanks to the developed standards and cooperation with the largest domestic and foreign customers, we offer a new dimension of technology for your projects..

10 years of experience has resulted in a passion that is available to you.




We set a new quality of contact. We are a company available for your ideas and projects, open to any cooperation, regardless of the size of the project. We remain in constant contact with our customers: we suggest, consult and implement every new change and idea.




We constantly demand from ourselves, we develop and train, we modify our organizational model.
We invest in the best solutions from the cable, manufacturing and business industries to ensure the highest quality in every level of our business.




We continuously invest and adapt production for new customers to meet their requirements and increase the production capacity of the company.
We are looking for optimal technological and material solutions for your ideas and products.

Our offer

  • design of cables and cable harnesses,
  • production of cables and cable harness,
  • production of prototype and cable harness for StartUp,
  • short-run serial and contract productions,
  • assembly of electronic devices,
  • wiring of control cabinets
  • wiring of devices,
  • sorting and selection services,
  • quality control services,
  • electrical test service,
  • packaging and labelling services,
  • modifications and warranty repairs of cable harnesses,
  • technical and material support for the projects,